Thousands Get Together at VEX Robotics World Championship Competition

Greenville, Texas – April 24, 2019VEX Robotics celebrates the largest gathering of future STEM and robotics superstars as The VEX Robotics World Championship kicks off at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

In partnership with the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, the week-long event (April 24 – 30), brings together the next generation of innovators, problem solvers and engineers from across 50 states and over 40 nations to compete in an exciting and highly competitive robotics competition designed to encourage teamwork, problem solving skills and creative design.

Around 1,650 highly competitive teams are going head-to-head for championship titles that include: VEX IQ Challenge Elementary School World Championship; VEX IQ Challenge Middle School World Championship; VEX Robotics Competition Middle School World Championship; VEX Robotics Competition High School World Championship and VEX U World Championship.


Students’ problem solving is put to the test as they engage in year-round local, regional and national competitions leading up to the final showdown at the VEX Robotics World Championship. Teams from all over the world bring forth their innovative, self-designed robots, with adrenaline running high, as they knock out thousands of competing teams from previous rounds for the chance to be crowned the 2019 World Champions. The venue boasts a vast turnout of representation from 50 different countries and is a highly visual sight to take in; from teams dressed up to really represent and conquer, to robots exemplifying high creativity and inspired design.

Not only does the VEX Robotics Competition allow students to challenge themselves but also gives them the unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with students from all over the world in a fun and exciting way; creating a one of a kind global community of young minds joined by their passion for STEM and robotics. Though competition is cut-throat and competitors may be driven to win, each one walks away a winner – having cultivated new friendships and a wealth of fun memories.


From the sidelines, it may look like just another school competition, but for these passionate participants, it’s a life-changing experience and one step closer to fulfilling their dreams. This is apparent from the high energy prevailing in the arenas. This unique exposure to STEM gives young students across a range of backgrounds the opportunity to potentially explore future careers in STEM, and provides an outlet for students to explore and discover a passion that could alter the course of their lives. Beyond STEM and robotics this event encompasses friendship and skill-building that they can carry through with them to adulthood – experiences that shape their future.

“Bringing hands-on STEM learning experiences to students around the globe is ingrained in our DNA” said Tony Norman, Co-Founder and President of VEX Robotics. “The VEX World Championship is the ultimate platform, pitting young students to challenge their passion and strategic thinking in a larger than life setting. The competition paves the way for bright young minds to push their creative boundaries from a young age, and we’re proud to be able to provide that opportunity!”


With its commitment to education and the future of STEM, VEX Robotics has created valuable programs designed to foster and encourage students to take an interest in STEM and robotics, through its three product lines, VEX IQ, VEX EDR and VEXpro, VEX provides tools that are easy for beginners to master, but will expand with the imagination and experience of its users.

VEX IQ – VEX IQ was designed to be implemented into classrooms and allow students to have a hands-on experience in building and interacting with robots in the form of VEX Kits.

VEX EDR – Designed to encourage students to follow STEM career paths, VEX EDR kits allow students to explore STEM and engineering concepts in the classroom.

VEXpro – Created by First Engineers to be easily integrated into student made designs; VEX Pro helps give all participants a competitive edge by providing the necessary tools to allow students to focus on their design, regardless of their resources.

VEX Robotics creates tools for educators and mentors to utilize in and out of classrooms to inspire the world’s next generation of innovators, thinkers and future leaders. Through VEX Robotics, students are able to develop valuable lifelong communication, teamwork and leadership skills. VEX Robotics envisions a world in which every student has the opportunity to challenge themselves with exciting hands-on STEM learning and spark a lifelong passion for STEM. By integrating these products and tools with a thorough program that amalgamates and drives real-life experience, that goal is being achieved, one steady step at a time.

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VEX Robotics is a leading provider of educational and competitive robotics products to schools, universities, and robotics teams around the world. The VEX IQ and VEX EDR product lines span elementary, middle, and high schools with accessible, scalable, and affordable robotics solutions. Beyond science and engineering principles, a VEX Robotics project encourages teamwork, leadership, and problem solving among groups. It allows educators to easily customize projects to meet the level of students’ abilities as they inspire & prepare the STEM problem-solvers of tomorrow.