Free Webinar – Classroom of the Future

Have you ever wondered how to handle student apathy?  If students are present, but not mentally engaged with your teaching and the material?  How do you change their mindset?  How do you get your students excited about learning?  You can start by creating a classroom of the future!

Join Jason Mckenna as he shows you exactly what that looks like.  There are some changes that you can make to your classroom that will have an immediate impact on your students. With this webinar, you will learn a few vital pieces of information.  Like how to create student ownership and allow students to create their own learning journey, how to help students build self-efficacy, how to show students what they learn in school is applicable to the real world, and how to establish a student-centered classroom.  If that sounds like something you want to learn how to do, we invite you to watch this webinar, and create a classroom of the future for yourself!