Drive Forward News: VEX Robotics World Championship 2024 Recap

Every year, we tell ourselves that this year’s VEX Robotics World Championship was the best year so far – and 2024 is no exception! It’s so great to have teams from all over the world come to Dallas and compete together. We take pride in our community rising to the challenge this year, working together, and always finding new ways to top the previous year.

We also hosted educators for the VEX Robotics Educators Conference while the students were competing. Educators from around the globe came together during the competitions to share and learn the best practices, curriculum, and new ways to bring hands-on STEM education into their classrooms. The VEX Robotics Education team worked hard and succeeded in elevating this event to a new level.

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VEX Robotics Educators Conference: Great speakers, hands-on learning, and more

VEXWorlds.TV – Helping you relive moments and matches you may have missed

VEX Robotics World Championship Pit Design + Costume Contests

2024-25 Season VEX Robotics World Championship Game Reveals

Quey is back for VEX IQ!

VEX Robotics Educators Conference: Great speakers, hands-on learning, and more

While the students, parents, and their team coaches were competing here in Dallas, the VEX Robotics Education team was hosting educators who came to take part in the VEX Robotics Educators Conference, which happened April 29 – May 1.

This conference provides a platform for educators to exchange insights, learn from experts, and explore new methods for incorporating robotics, STEM, and computer science into their teaching. Featuring a rich program of presentations, hands-on workshops, and invaluable networking opportunities, participants left with enhanced abilities to introduce robotics into their classrooms or to refine their current educational approaches.

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Recordings of all the presentations will be available soon in the VEX PD+ Video Library. What’s VEX PD+? VEX PD+ offers ongoing, year-round, personalized professional development. With its flexible learning platform, you can curate your own professional learning according to your needs, interests and time.

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VEXWorlds.TV – Helping you relive moments and matches you may have missed

Look back across the entire 2024 competition – Qualification Matches, Practice Matches, Closing Ceremonies, Finals – every thrilling moment is here and ready for you to relive them. Give us a shout across any of our social channels using #VEXWorlds – let us know what you’re watching and what you loved about it!

Watch here:

Final VEX Robotics World Championship game results across all division and levels:

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VEX Robotics World Championship Pit Design + Costume Contests

It wasn’t just about the robots. The creativity on display at the Pit Design and Costume Contests was awe-inspiring! Congratulations to The Flashbang from Harrison, Ohio, and Hephaestus from Bryant, Arkansas, for their top spots in their respective high school categories. And let’s hear it for the Robomelons from League City, Texas, and White H.E.A.T. from Bryant, Arkansas, who dominated the VEX Robotics Competition middle school, VEX U, and JROTC categories! Last but not least, great job to the teams of Makaha Robotics from Waianae, Hawaii and the Nerd Herd from Clinton, Indiana for taking the win for VEX IQ Robotics Competition teams! The mix of tech skills and artistic flair really spiced things up this year, and we couldn’t be prouder of our participants!

VEX Robotics Competition High School Category Winners

Team 11254Y The Flashbang
Team 5691X Hephaestus

VEX Robotics Competition Middle School, VEX U, and JROTC Category Winners

Team 7481D Robomelons
Team 1338W White H.E.A.T.

VEX IQ Robotics Competition Category Winners

Teams 25801A Chibi Dragons, 25801K Gorilla Bruddahs, and 25801M Mighty Giants of Makaha Robotics
Team 97869A SVMS Nerd Herd

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And now, the 2024-25 Season VEX Robotics World Championship Game Reveals!

Now, drumroll, please… the game reveals (if you missed them) for the 2024-25 VEX Robotics season! ‘Rapid Relay’ and ‘High Stakes’ are set to take robotics challenges to new heights. 

Rapid Relay

High Stakes

Plus, we’re so excited to announce that BOTH Game Manuals for High Stakes and Rapid Relay are now available in 25 languages, ensuring more of our audience can access this resource! Find instructions for viewing your Game Manual in another language below.

Rapid Relay Game Manual:

High Stakes Game Manual:

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Quey is back for VEX IQ!

We’re pleased to announce that the VEX IQ robot mascot, Quey, has returned to help inspire students using VEX IQ in the classroom and competition. If you were competing in VEX IQ this year in Dallas, then you probably saw it at the VEX Social Station during the last part of “VEX Worlds”. Keep an eye out for where it might show up in the near future!

Thanks for reading this special issue of Drive Forward News celebrating the VEX Robotics World Championship, as well as the VEX Robotics Educators Conference. We will see you soon for another jam-packed issue with more updates. 

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